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The Twins (Gladiators of Krix)

One night of fun wasn’t supposed to end up with Kennedy pregnant…


I’m in trouble. Big, big trouble. Double trouble even.

Us human women that survived the crash of our ship were taken as slaves. Trapped on the gladiatorial planet of Krix, we live and die by the whim of our masters. If they find out I’m pregnant, I’ll be in even worse danger. Will they let me live? Will they take away my baby?

It was one night with the lithe, sexy blue aliens called the Twins. Just one night. A night filled with star-white hair, tantalizing fangs and more hard muscle than a single girl could handle.

But now I might be not only trapped on this planet, but trapped with these two aliens who will claim me as their’s even though they don’t know me and it’s only lust, not love that brought us together.

The Twins

We are an oddity among the Alvan. Born as two instead of one, we share a mind– our thoughts and feelings always known to each other. This bond is the same as shared among mates of the soul, Pari our people call it.

We’ve always assumed this meant we would never form this bond with others. Never know this connection with a female. Until Kennedy. There was something there the single night she chose to come to us.

A night that left us wanting more, no matter the cost or danger to our lives being slaves brings.

Spinning off from best-selling series the Red Planet Dragons of Tajss comes a new set of books, the Gladiators of Krix. From USA Today Bestselling Author Miranda Martin and her soulmate James D Horton, The Twins is a full length, standalone SFR novel with a happily ever after ending, plenty of steam, thrilling arena competitions and house politics. Fans of the Celestial Mates Alva series will recognize these sexy blue-skinned aliens!


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