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Grumpy Orc Protector

My enemy doesn’t just set the rules; he enforces them as my sworn protector.

Samhaja, a barbaric and sullen alien, is everything I was taught to fear. As a human caught in the crossfire of an intergalactic struggle, I never expected to be in his captivity. But when our worlds collide, I become a pawn in a dangerous game between the orc-like aliens and their dragon-men enemies, the Zmaj.

I find myself confined within the walls of his house, my every move watched by Samhaja, who is bound by duty to keep me safe. It’s forbidden, this connection between us, the protector and the protected. From my human perspective, he’s a captivating enigma with emerald-green skin, imposing tusks, braided hair, and muscles that scream strength and danger.

The two of us have to understand each other to survive. In the dance of interspecies politics and alien alliances, will our love be the key to bridging the gap between our worlds, or will it ignite a war neither side can win?


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Jane Johnsonn

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Samantha Rogers

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