Miranda Martin’s Engagement to James Horton

I got engaged to my soulmate, James Horton. The most romantic soul in the ‘verse. 💖❣️😘 I said yes!

Facebook Live Engagement

I have an announcement to make! I’m the most fortunate girl in the world. I found my soul-mate in James Horton. We do everything together, work, play, raise our kids. We started out as authors with James doing all the writing while I did the covers and editing. Every story, though, was really a combination of our work. We’ve always brain stormed together, been the sounding board for each other, and made suggestions how to make the book better.

I had the idea for Tajss and a series of books so I decided to write too. Our work habits didn’t change, James’ hands are all over my books just as mine were all over his. While we’ve always worked this way, we’ve never co-written or credited each other on our books.

We have a new series, set in the Tajss universe, that we’re going to co-write. The idea for this story started with James (hint, he was watching the old Starz series Spartacus, lol). Long time readers will recognize the place and it does tie into the overarching story but it will also be written so each book stands alone too.

What you will notice though is that James and I will both be on the cover. We’ve loved writing together and hope you continue to enjoy the stories we’re weaving. It’s a lot of fun to bounce the story back and forth but we’ll see what the future brings.


p.s. we’ve been together for 10 years but are just now making it official. Look at this ring!! *squee*

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